As college students in the middle of a pandemic, we were inspired by our own challenges to create a website that would help others with focus and productivity. Thus, the idea of Pomodoer was born. With our website's simplistic design and soothing green colors, Pomodoer makes staying on task easier and more fun than ever before!

What Pomodoer Does

Pomodoer is based off of the Pomodoro Method, which is a time-management system that encourages people to break their workday in 25-minute chunks separated by five-minute breaks. Our website allows users to easily list their tasks and not have to deal with the hassle of setting a timer for each time chunk. After all, time is money!

How We Built Our Website

Our team began by using Figma to design our website layout. Once we had a general idea of what we wanted our site to look like, we moved to Visual Studio Code. Using LiveShare, we were able to work simultaneously and figure out the code for our minimum viable product.

Challenges We Faced

While coding, we ran into a number of challenges. For starters, our team struggled with implementing the timer and task list. The code we wrote for the timer caused errors when we tried to run the program. We also had a mix-up in regards to our repositories, so we had to restart and copy our code from the old files into the new repository. A final challenge we faced was figuring out how to resolve all the different types of error messages we received.

Our Accomplishments

By working together and getting help from some wonderful mentors, we were able to overcome the challenges mentioned above and create a semi-working version of our website. We primarily focused on getting the timer to work, and we also matched the color scheme from our Figma design. Throughout this process, we also got to know each other better! We had a great time collaborating on this project.

What We Learned

Going in, our team had very minimal knowledge about Figma, React, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This hackathon gave us the chance to learn more about these different programs and languages. We were also able to gain more experience in web development.

What's Next for Pomodoer?

Up next, our team has plans to make Pomodoer into an interactive website. We believe that individual productivity is elevated when you are around others who are also trying to get work done. We want our users to have the choice to connect with others through audio/video call.

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