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Introduction + What is Pomocord?

Pomocord is an all-in-one study tool to help you stay on track when you're cramming for an exam, working on an assignment, or even reading a textbook!

Pomocord uses the Pomodoro Technique, a time management method developed by Francesco Cirilo back in the 1980s! This method allows you to divide your work into intervals, each being 25 minutes in length, and a 5 minute break in between. Every interval, you are to focus on doing your work, no procrastinating! But don't worry, every 4 intervals, you are awarded with a 30 minute break! Oh also, no sneaky working while you're on the break!

The Pomocord extension allows for an array of features, a key one being blocked access to sites while you're working. Popular websites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Netflix, and more, are all not accessible when studying. This allows for minimal procrastination. Soon, you'll even be able to add your own websites that you'd like to block yourself from!

Oh, and another thing, Pomocord also cares for your health. Every so often, Pomocord sends you a notification telling you to get up and grab a drink of water. We know that when you're studying, it can be easy to disregard your health, but Pomocord will keep you right on top of it so you can be the best version of you as you prepare for that test!

The Team

Pomocord was built by: Ayush Vora, Samarth Patel, Sam Assareymuriyil, and Neil Patel.

Ayush Vora was the Discord-bot developer who focused on creating all of the bot's functionality using Discord.js and Firebase Admin for Node.js.

Samarth Patel was the primary frontend developer who focused on creating the beautiful UI for the various pages.

Sam Assareymuriyil was the primary database developer who was involved with creating the Firebase database and authorization.

Neil Patel created the Chrome Extension, and aided with the backend for the database.

Pomocord Tutorial

Visit the homepage to join us and sign up with Google

alt text

Add your own tasks, start a Pomodoro Cycle, and your own Discord ID to establish a connection

alt text

Add to your own Discord servers to get the Discord bot functionality

alt text

Get the extension from the Github. To install the Pomocord extension, simply unzip the Pomocord Exstension zip folder. Now, go to chrome and type chrome://extensions/. Now, turn on developer mode in the top right corner. Then, select "Load unpacked" and select the unzipped folder. The extension should now be installed!

alt text alt text

Key Features

Feature Description
Firebase Authentication Authentication through a Google account is provided by Firebase Authentication.
Firebase Realtime Database All of the user data is kept up to date through the use of the Firebase Realtime Database.
DiscordJS DiscordJS is being used to host and run the Node.js based bot.


Due to the numerous lockdowns and restrictions imposed over the past year due to COVID-19, students including ourselves are faced with a greater challenge focusing due to the vast amount of distractions available at our fingertips. Pomocord aims to alleviate these challenges by creating a virtual study-buddy, that helps keep on track to achieving your goals! Pomocord aids you by blocking popular websites that are usually substantial time-wasters to help keep you focused, additionally by using the power of the Pomodoro technique, it helps you work effectively without tiring you out! Finally, Pomocord adds a Discord bot integration which will allow you to make study sessions, voice calls with your peers, create your own study room channel, discord channel blocking, and pings you for health reminders!

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Languages, Tools and Libraries Used

  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • DiscordJS
  • Google Firebase
  • Webstorm IDE
  • Visual Studio Code
  • GitHub
  • Bootstrap Studio

Potential Updates

Pomocord has the potential to be updated with robust features including:

  • Customizable website blocking
  • Subject based channels


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