People get burned out when working on things too long, so we want to help that.

How it works

Pomert helps you take breaks efficiently, without needing another powerful distraction like a smartphone next to you to do it. With the low powered smartwatch pebble, we are able to give users an easy way to utilize proven productivity methods like the pomodoro method to work more efficiently without burning out.

Challenges I ran into

1: The app does not work. 2: The functionalities that are key to this do not work with javascript, and only with advanced C. 3: We do not know C.

  1. We cannot learn enough C to make this work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Although we were limited by both time and software, we pushed every other functionality that we wanted into the mvp.

What I learned

Pebblejs is an awful, terribly documented framework that should be avoided at all costs in the future. (Unless it's for analytics.)

What's next for Pomert

-Remaking it in C(i.e. Making it work.) -Adding user specific work-rest schedules through algorithms.

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