How many times have you or your neighbor thrown away organic produce just because there was an excess amount growing from your trees? Far too often we pass by hidden treasures growing within our communities and never end up discovering them.

In southern cities within Los Angeles, there is a lack of stores that sell organic produce within the poor communities. Pomegrabit addresses this problem. Come and grab it with Pomegrabit.

What it does

Pomegrabit allows users to publish listings of their own organic fruits and vegetables. Powered by Magnet Message and their sandbox, the app allows users to find listings, chat with users through user-to-user messaging as well as keep in touch with the community through Magnet Public Forum's. Find and list postings, leave reviews, comments and get in touch with your community.


Separating and storing messages within the device so previous conversations can be viewed.

What's next for Pomegrabit

Public release, marketing and expansion.

How to install

Please download the app from the Google Play Store

Built With

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posted an update

Notice: The app that was uploaded contained the wrong package name and therefore would cause the Google Maps API to not work. I have since than fixed it to use the right api key. Please download the latest correct build from the Google Play Store. Thank you!

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posted an update

Big Update: I have uploaded a video showcasing how to use the application and have finally successfully added the app within the Google Play Store. Please make sure to download the app from the Google Play Store link provided. This update includes improvements that solved a backend related bug that the previous one would cause a crash. Enjoy! :)

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