We all enjoy calculus, so we thought it would be fun to make our own practical graphing tool and derivative calculator.

What it does

Calculates and graphs derivatives of a polynomial equation.

How we built it

Using the java swing library, took a user input string of an equation and parsed it using regex into an equation. Then calculated the derivatives and graphed them on the plot.

Challenges we ran into

Parsing the equation string was much harder than we anticipated, and we ran into tons of subtle minor issues that took a long time to fix.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It condenses input equations by simplifying like terms and works out of order.

What we learned

The project went much faster with the ability to delegate portions of it, but it was still necessary to help each other once in a while. We learned a lot about how teamwork is involved in developing a program. Additionally, we became much more well-versed in the java swing library due to navigating many issues throughout development.

What's next for Polynomial Derivative Calculator and Grapher

We would like to expand it to 3D graphing, as well as the ability to drag the plot around. We would also like to expand it to equations that are not strictly polynomial.

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