A club at our school wanted a device to implement in a smart-garden type of setup, where information about the garden would be accessible via web.

What it does

The Raspberry Pi hosts a web server that requests data from the sensors and pulls a picture hourly of the plant and processes it with a infrared picture processing library called "infrapix". This information is displayed using Flask.

How we built it

The Raspberry Pi has sensors connected to its pinouts and requests the data from the sensors any time the information page is requested on the Flask server. A bash script runs in the background and refreshes the picture hourly.

Challenges we ran into

Infrapix was designed for Python 2.7 while Flask ran on Python 3. There were some modifications that had to be made to get Infrapix to run on Python 3. A gap in understanding of Flask also delayed the creation of the basic information page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Porting Infrapix to Python 3 and finding an error in another repo worthy of a pull request

What we learned

We learned about Flask, Python, and i2c.

What's next for PolyHacks

More food maybe?

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