All around the world, the vast majority of programming languages are in English even though the majority of the world's population does not speak English. This creates language barriers for non-English speaking developers making it difficult for them to code. Our IDE empowers developers to program in their native language, because we believe linguistic diversity is incredibly important and rarely addressed in the field of the computer science.

What it does

PolyGlot empowers developers to write JavaScript code in Mandarin, French, and/or Spanish by translating all the keywords in these languages. PolyGlot will then translate the tags and keywords into English and run their JavaScript as a normal, English script. The user can see the output of their script in a box on the right, similar to CodeAcademy or W3Schools. In doing so, PolyGlot increases linguistic diversity in computer science.

How we built it

We delegated tasks based on each person's strengths and interests. We had a mini brainstorming session at the beginning of the hackathon where we identified our technical goals, set up our project on Github, and assigned tasks. Each team member worked on a variety of tasks including full-stack development, UX design, and translations.

Challenges we ran into

Each member of our team pushed themselves technically for this project. For our front-end developers, it was their first time using the React framework which proved to have a bigger learning curve than we previously anticipated. Our backend developers attempted to initially build this project using Google App Engine, but ultimately switched to Node.js due to technical difficulties. Finally, one of our developer's workstation was having issues with Git which made it difficult for her to test locally and push her changes. Ultimately, we ended up having to manually add her changes to our code!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite all the technical difficulties we encountered, we were able to build a fully-functional prototype we are proud of.

What we learned

The importance of collaboration and communication in a team. We were able to tackle all our technical issues on time because we helped each other along the way.

What's next for polyglot

We really hope to see a product like this in the real world some day. After all, the vast majority of the world's population does not speak English and they too deserve to have a chance to become software engineers.

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