/ˈpälēˌɡlät/ noun: a person who knows and is able to use several languages

During our trip to Japan last Summer, we were having difficulties communicating with the people to ask for simple things such as directions, ordering foods, how much things are worth, " how do i get from (place) to (place)" , "where is the nearby restroom" , "how much is this bag worth" ,"what is the favorite food here" & "can you please take a picture of us". The experience propelled us to create a device that will enable people to communicate with each other without language barriers.

What it does

Polyglot translates speeches to our conversation counter-party. Furthermore, by using the smartphone app we created, our partner will be able to select from the list of languages available the desired language they want to hear.

How we built it

By using two Raspberry Pi, one of the Pi becomes the client where it has the Google speech to text API and transfer the .txt file to the server using sockete io. Then the server recieve the file that it translate and turn it into speech using the Microsoft API. The server Pi is also connected to an android device and they act as client and server respectively. The android device sends the language that they want to hear and the Pi set it in the device.

Challenges we ran into

Connecting all the devices (two Raspberry Pi and Android Application) together. Learning the microsoft and google API for translating the speech.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the devices and finally able to know what people are speaking. Able to freely control the language selection through smartphone

What we learned

Learned API's, JSON, Http Protocol, Fragments, Threading

What's next for Polyglot

We believe Polyglot will be able to redefine the term "communication". Since what we have now is a one-way communication device, we would like to further developed it so that it will be two way. In addition, we would like to implement onboard processing to eliminate the hassle of relying on Wi-Fi. Definitely a lot smaller with a more stylish design & making it a wearable technology. Finally, we would like to add more languages to our database without compromising fluency and/or accuracy.

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