We were excited to make a game using Unity 3D along with EA's awesome API which allows for multiple players to join the game at any moment for a fun multiplayer experience.

What it does

The name of the game is Poltergeist, which derives from the game mechanic of inanimate objects attacking you. Each inanimate object is controlled by a player who can at any time join the game by entering a specif IP address.

How we built it

To make the above-mentioned functionality possible, we used EA's Pathfinders API, and the relevant technologies associated with it such as Javascript and in our case, Hammer.js

Challenges we ran into

Many! There were nonstop challenges for every success, but the learning experience was great. The main issues were the camera and player movement in Unity, the logic of corresponding a player to each object in the environment, and the HTML 5 controller design/functionality..

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made at the very least a minimum viable product. We finished something!

Built With

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