Does a small idea hurt itself by growing?

I thought of this project during the MLH hackday last semester. I wanted to make a script that would change my wallpaper based on my location. I then decided to grow that into being able to run scripts based on what AP(wifi network) I was connected to out of fear that the cli method of changing wallpapers wasn't universal. Finally, I decided that I should leave it as open as possible. Thus I came up with a script to poll commands, and react to their results.

This new scope offered me a great new vision. Instead of being narrowly focused on wallpapers and accesspoints, I am now focused on how any system change can be responded to. Specifically, I can now run bash scripts based on what the brightness is, where the battery capacity is at, if the laptop is charging, and of course what AP I am connected to.

Alot had to change to get the idea to such an open state, but some major improvements to earlier drafts include the ability to use regex to read command outputs, and having the ability to have multiple reactions to the responses of a single command.


Well, in theory this can be accomplished with lots of bash scripts. This is a messy solution and doesn't give an easy way to manage all threads. Nevermind, a prebuilt solution like my own allows for more commands and actions to be added with a simple edit to a config file.


This is just a python project. I used python as it lets me easily apply changes to my code. Future development will be done in Rust.

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