Climate Game Assets is a database of game assets for climate and environment-themed games. Games with climate and environmental themes generate awareness of climate change in more engaging, visual ways amongst a wide demographic.

As a game developer myself, I am interested in building and managing environment-themed games that will help my generation learn about climate change and develop and share solutions in a fun way.

What it does

To create realistic narratives, game developers and designers need access to game assets (such as 3D files that are compatible with game engines, 2D graphics, photos, etc.) to build their game. By uploading open-sourced assets, organizations, game enthusiasts, and artists help game developers and designers to create more engaging games with accurate storylines on how the earth will change.

By showing the CO2 emissions of storage of games, gamers can understand the CO2 impact of their game play.

How we built it

We 3D scanned real-world objects in Downtown Bellevue, Washington, United States using Polyscan 3D. We then created an Environment Asset Template on CO2.Storage named "Climate Based Game Assets": and uploaded all of the object files under that template.

As a proof of concept, we also used FIlecoin Green APIs to show the CO2 emissions of games.

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