I have always loved interactive and visual features that javascript has to offer.So keeping that in mind I thought maybe I can integrate this feature into a webapp and make climate data more visual. Because visualisation of climate data especially in your current location can give a person a very interactive understanding of various climate paramaters in a simplistic manner.

What it does

My app PolluStat takes user location and collects various Climate and weatherData using WAQI API and openweathermap API .It then layers those data on a Leaflet.js Map.

How we built it

The App is built using react . For collection of climate data it uses WAQI API. For weather data of a the location it uses openweathermap API. React-Leaflet is used to make Maps on which the data is layered.

Challenges we ran into

This was my first time using React-Leaflet .So I ran into basic problems which was easier to solve as the documentation is amazing.

What we learned

I learned how to make use of React libraries like React-Leaflet to make interactive maps and layer data on top of them using various API's like WAQI and openweathermap

What's next for Pollustat

I would love to use libraries like recius and caesium to integrate 3-D modelling in my App in the future.

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