Woman love shopping!! My girl is ALWAYS texting her friends and family trying to get feedback on what is cute. It pains me to see her have to send multiple picture messages and wait for them all to trickle back in their replies. So, why not make an app out of it, expand the idea to any facet, including entertainment ideas, food and drink, travel, and fashion.

How it works

You hop on and either let your opinion be heard or you post a poll, looking for feedback of your own for ideas that you may be perusing, what you should have for lunch, or which shoes you should buy.

Challenges I ran into

The nuances of Android design never cease to make me want to bang my head through a wall and jump off buildings. However, through patience and the ever ending need to succeed, we made it through.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Pollr is the first app I've developed from start until minimum viable product solo. Looking forward to doing more.

What I learned is awesome once you figure it out, and you should ALWAYS debug and test your code.

What's next for Pollr

Only the future will tell, but we've got high hopes.

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