We've all run into times where we wished that we could have more photos from events, whether it be a concert or petting puppies at a hackathon. We decided that crowdsourcing photos would be valuable not only to participants but also could save event organizers significant time and money (and end up with better, more authentic photos)!

What it does

Photo Bucket crowdsources event photos for organizers and participants. Organizers of an event can go into the website and define the location and time of their event. Users can open the iOS app to select a currently active event nearby; then, users can select an event and upload photos to it. Participants are able to see all the photos that have been uploaded to any of their events. Next, the photos are sent to the website for event organizers, where organizers can purchase images at their original resolution. Photo Bucket effectively incentivizes event-goers to take and share high quality photos for events and share them with both the event organizers and participants.

How we built it

We divided the work into three central parts: backend, web, and iOS, and we each claimed a section to lead developing. The website was written in react and redux. The backend was built using Rocket, a Rust framework, as well as a database manager for Rust called Diesel, and it is all hosted on DigitalOcean. The iOS app is written in Swift and utilizes many core Apple frameworks, from CoreLocation to CoreData.

Challenges we ran into

Ideation. Time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built our entire project in 11 hours. :)

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