Fun, social mini polls to share with your friends.


The app was built around the necessity of organizing people for simple decisions, specially within big WhatsApp groups. Trying to get a group of 20+ people to agree on something was just caotic. Thus, the Pollifier idea was born: a way to quickly and effortlessly create mini-polls to share with your friends, with a small, customizable, easy to remember URL and most importantly: fun.


Back-end built with Ruby on Rails and front-end with jQuery, which I will entirely port to React in the very near future.


  • Real time user voting with WebSockets.
  • Vote with a different username on different polls, no password required!
  • Fun animations and emojis for every user.
  • Can add 3 images per poll option, stores in Amazon's AWS.
  • Optional people limit per poll.
  • Optional votes per person per poll.
  • URL editing.
  • Atomic voting transactions.
  • Add hashtags to your poll.
  • Mobile-first and desktop ready.
  • Tested with RSpec.
  • Fully SEO ready.
  • Branded and product-ready.
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