Inspiration In 2018, California voter turnout soared to 65%, the highest for any gubernatorial election in California since 2006. This was the first midterm election to exceed 100 million votes. With the rise of social media advocacy, voter demographic has also shifted to younger generations. However, we realize that although political activity have increased, political awareness have not increased at the same rate. The political jargon in resources and lack of availability in easily understandable political education might be the culprit in this situation. To solve this problem, we designed Polli.

What it does Polli chats with you on messenger and updates your political preferences live on your Polli website. Our bot starts with asking you some of your basic background information, then loops through a series of political questions to understand what your preferences are.

How I built it The bot is built with dialogflow and wix code.

Challenges I ran into We had trouble figuring out how we could retrieve the data from the users that are using dialogflow and display it live on the wix website as we had planned. Furthermore, designing the conversation for political preferences proved challenging, as we were aiming for a more personal bot that emulated human sentiments. We also had trouble figuring out how to train the bot to learn different ways that users might respond in order to provide the proper responses.

What I learned After much struggle, we learned how to link dialog flow to Facebook messenger and train its responses.

What’s Next Polli allows us to collect voter data in terms of political preferences and other views. We could use this data to analyze and project for future elections and policies to be passed. With the website that we will built to be auto-generated from the responses, the user can eventually migrate into a personal profile where they have a collection of their preferences. From this, we would like to provide “actions that they can take” and integrate it with other political advocacy platforms.

Built With

  • dialogflow
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