Our Inspiration for Poll COVID was COVID-19. We thought that some places are not safe to go to and we can not know which are safe and which aren't. That's why we created Poll Covid. We want to help people stay safe during these times and hopefully succeed in our mission of making the world a safe place for everyone.

What it does

Poll COVID is a website that gives you feedback on various places around the globe and if they are safe or not. All of the information is accurate because we get this feedback from other kind users like you! YOU can also help the world by submitting an evaluation of a store or restaurant or any place in the word. We got the rest. Stay safe!

How we built it

All four of our team members contributed in many different ways to make this possible as a team effort.

Krishnan Shankar

I mainly contributed to the project's backend. I integrated an SQL database to store the locations and poll results, and displayed them on the website in a styled view. I also coded the Python Flask backend to process HTML actions and render pages. Finally, I implemented the Google Places API to provide a dropdown of the most relevant places based on your search and location.

Samanyu Bansal

I worked on the navigation bar and contributed many ideas. I also introduce some new designs to the website, including styling the pages and making them more colorful.

Arth Gupta

I contributed to the front-end of the project, like creating metas, naming the project and creating a description for it. I also wrote the page you are reading right now!

Vishrut Grover

I worked on team cooperation, the logo, some of the information collection, helped in setting up API on Google Cloud and more!

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we ran into was getting the Google Places API working. We needed a credit card to work with the Google Places API, but we didn't have one and that brought the team down. But at the last moment, we got one and completed the project. Another challenge was styling the information page to look good with stats about the website.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some accomplishments we're proud of are working together even with a time-zone difference, making the project(obviously), and mainly our great cooperation and teamwork. In the project, we are very proud of implementing Google Places API, especially since it was very confusing and hard to work with, aside from the fact that we needed a credit card to use it.

What we learned

From this experience, we learned that working as a team is better than alone, even if you can't work at the same time you can still split parts of work between people and accomplish anything. We also learned to work together and hear everyone's ideas before moving forward, since everyone had their own ideas that could help the project a lot.

What's next for Poll COVID

In the future, we plan on making Poll COVID worldwide and to every location. We also plan on adding other poll stats after COVID goes away, like availability of facilities and wheelchair access. Stay tuned for updates!

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