There are so many repeated surveys and all the data collected is lost after being used once, we wanted to create a site where that is avoided. If someone needs to have information about how students are feeling about mental health after the pandemic, there'll be a few surveys providing that information, instead of each person wanting it having to conduct their own survey.

What it does can be used in both formal and informal applications as a foolproof way to conduct privacy-focused user research. Anyone can create and answer surveys and all that data is publicly available.

How we built it

Employment of CockroachDB as its chosen database - this allows us to securely store and encrypt user data, echoing our focus on privacy and security. Furthermore, the website runs on the Flask micro web framework which allows for a lightweight and effective design.

Challenges we ran into

Dealing with a lot of new technologies and creating tasks where everyone could work independently was challenging but through cooperation and diligence we figured it all out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the integration of the cockroachdb API into our project. We learned a lot about the different syntaxes and functionalities of the database and enhanced the user experience with it. Furthermore, we are also proud of the Flask back-end integration of our website, as we played around with it a lot.

What we learned

We learned many things throughout the duration of the hackathon, such as the difficulties that come with working with html/css/js. We also learned how to overcome many obstacles, from command-line errors to internal server crashes. Overall, our team learned how to manage a website, from front-end to back-end, while also implementing a database API on top.

What's next for

The goal would be to include academic institution integration so researchers would be able to conduct academic surveys and be able to verify the people taking them.

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