Every day, in perhaps, every class, we find a certain section of students who are unable to convey their grievances about a particular course or a particular topic taught in class. Perhaps it is peer pressure or just social anxiety, it stops students and teachers to gauge their performance in the class and learn and grow. How can we make the students' learning more stress free and simultaneously address the issues that come up with teachers/professors' abilities to convey information lucidly? Poll2Roll is the answer!

What it does

Every lecture is divided into several topics. After the teacher completes a topic, students get an option to vote Yes (Understood) or No (Confused) through their smartphones, and add comments. Based on the number of up and downvotes, and a sentiment analysis of the comments, the instructor will get a tactile feedback via the Myo he is wearing on his wrist.The teacher will then re-teach the concept or try to engage people to understand what they found difficult. In the long run, the teacher will have at his disposal a dashboard of graphs to track the performance of students. He can choose to tweak his teaching pace, assignments, and teaching style based on these.

How I built it

The application had many different components to be considered as it combined the software component of real-time feedback with the hardware tactile feedback. The front end is written in angular.js with ionic and the database system used is Clusterpoint. The script used to control Myo is written in node.js. REST APIs were used for all communication protocols between the client server and the hardware.

Challenges I ran into

Configuring the database with such a huge data set was challenging. It was resolved by cleverly formulating our data structures. Working with HTML/JS to configure web based data visualization and integrating Clusterpoint database management took some efforts since it was a new concept to the team.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

One major milestone that we accomplished was the integration of the sub codes into our final product, the final application. Hardware-software integration (eg. Myo with NodeJS) was established effectively. It was fun and amazing to see how quickly the team was able to pick up new concepts and use them for the development activities.

What I learned

Database management without using SQL (via Clusterpoint) , and using without developing a full-fledged back-end system (via BackAnd).

What's next for Poll2Roll

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