Fairness and transparency are pillars of the modern world. Unfortunately, in modern politics, opague bureaucracies have the ability to undermine the integrity of democracy. As such, we need decentralized systems to allow the normal citizen to exercise their right to individual expression. One of the most important of these is corruption-free voting systems, which allow legislation to move in the direction of public opinion.

We believe that technology like bitcoin and Ethereum are integral to reestablishing integrity in government and organizations and bring about a new wave of 21st century democracy.

What it does

One of our guiding philosophies was to make blockchain technologies available to non-tech literate individuals. We believe the future of Ethereum depends on abstracting away technical details, while being transparent and open. Our system is built on full openness, reputation, and trust.

A poll creator creates a poll with a fixed list of eligible voters who each are notified by our system and are given exactly one vote. The creator also supplies our system with the ether to run our system on the Ethereum network. When each voter votes, their vote is sent through the Ethereum blockchain. We attach a hash of their email address and the person/issue they voted for to their vote. This way, we are entirely accountable to the users since the blockchain is public.

How we built it

Our platform is built mostly on a combination of Meteor and Ethereum.

Challenges we ran into

A lot of time was spent setting up a local test network and also tackling theoretical issues of whether our system was actually any better than existing solutions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to use Ethereum in a real world situation, picking up meteor, coming up with ideas that can bring about positive social change.

What we learned

Cryptosystems are hard, hash functions are cool, and 16 year olds are geniuses.

What's next for Poll Request

(democratic) world domination

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