Habbo hotel mazes Floor is made of lava Quiz Fortnite

What it does

Learn about polkadot with game like questions

How we built it

decentraland APIs are used for users EVM balances

Challenges we ran into

We showed an example of how you can sign meta transactions that are sent from Ethereum>Astar. We are still building a 'relayer' server that can handle these kinds of transactions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

View astar balance Sign a meta transaction on astar

What we learned

Nobody is really doing what we're doing..

What's next for Polkadot Decentraland Events

I want to work with a few companies within the polkadot ecosystem to promote education of it's products and parachains. So we would like to work with the individual parachains to produce their own questions that they would like players/users to solve to achieve an NFT on the said parachain. Also once we have finished building the relayer we will be able to allow token transfers, NFT purchases in-game and much more! If I get some funding for this I will hire a team of developers to work on this project!

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