There are not many tools for XCM transfer enhancement. We wanted to change this and embrace XCM transfers, bringing them to normal people, that are not as enthusiastic about blockchain technology as we are ,so that they can transfer easily without any additional information that is not necessary for them to fill.

What it does

The application uses state-of-art technology that allows to transfer XCM messages between Rococo - Acala - Basilisk - Moonbeam and open/close HRMP channels between Parachains mentioned.

How we built it

The application was built on the Vue.js framework for front-end development. For communication with blockchain we used Polkadot API libraries. We also made an automatic installation Makefile that can install all necessary nodes and dependencies for you as well as a Polkadot-launch configuration file to start nodes for you.

Challenges we ran into

Currently, there are issues with transfers to Basilisk, apparently currency is not recognized. This is a bug on Basilisk side as it was working before so it should be fixed by itself with some time. Moonbeam has difficulties with registering assets because there is no sudo function. This area needs to be more researched and fixed. It is under development constantly, so it might be up in no time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We prepared simple to use design, a simple demo preview of what we want to deliver and we are working on. We also use only state-of-art native protocols which ensures, that the application is very safe to use if released to the network. Transfers were tested for functionality and a graph is provided on the home page of the application.

What we learned

This process is very hard with limited information given by developers for each node. If everything was just compatible our world would not make any sense. We also learned how to do XCM transfers and work with channels hopefully upgrading to XCMP protocol once it will be released.

What's next for Polkachange - Cross blockchain transfer tool

First, we need to fully finish what we set ourselves to do. Finish XCM transfering to Moonbeam. We currently have fully working transferring for Acala and opening/closing channels between any parachains. Our next goal would be implementing the XCMP protocol once it is released technically deprecating the HRMP protocol. We want to take full advantage of the XCMP protocol once it is released. Lastly, we wish to make continual upgrades to our application, adding more nodes, simplifying design, improving speeds and adding callback readability support. Our major goal is for this application to see a real network.

Built With

  • polkadotapi
  • vuejs
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