98% of women victims of violence, do not feel safe to report the incident. Policeman very often are not really helpful with the victims, plus they are very biased while reporting the incidents of violence against women. So, it would be great to know which police stations to go to for reporting. Thus, raising awareness, and pushing for a less biased police.

What it does

On a map, it shows the nearby police stations, which are less biased to the women issues, with more information to share as much or as little, based on anonymous reviews from the community of brave women who reported.

How I built it:

Google Maps API's JavaScript Ionic Twillio API

Story of the Name:

Since this is an application based on crowd-sourcing the information into multiple location, then this is mimicking the functionality of the Yelp Application for restaurants. However, this time is for Police, then we got the 2 names together, and we named it : "PoliYelp"

Challenges I ran into:

The integration of Twilio API with the actual application

Accomplishments that We're proud of:

Teamwork & Authenticity of the idea + Originality.

What We learned:

Technicalities +

What's next for PoliYelp:

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