Too often, the voters opinion is lost and unheard to their politicians. Our goal was to give people a voice in political issues and find out what people around them think anonymously while also helping politicians figure out what voters think.

What it does

People enter basic demographics and can post polls and vote within their town, county, legislative district or congressional district. The user is then registered into a mongodb database. There, they can view filtered polls based on the level of the post (local, county, national) of their demographic region. Creating a poll is as simple as inputting a question and 2 answers. People then can click on different polls that allow them to choose the topics they want

How we built it

Client application is an android app using okhttp to network. Backend is mongodb database hosted on a linode cloud server and accessed via nodejs.

Challenges we ran into

Networking without using AsyncTasks due to not being able to make synchronous network calls on the main thread and overall the networking architecture for the app

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Setting up a linode server, interacting with mongodb, learning how to use okhttp asynchronously and creating a service to solve a problem

What we learned

How to work with linode, mongodb, and learning how to create a client-server application architecture

What's next for Politiview

Adding more production features (maybe)

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