We saw the need to give our generation the proper resources to engage themselves in political events, to reach out to those representing their communities and to involve in constructive conversation with others.

What it does

It allows underrepresented population in government to gain a more intimate relationship with their representatives by having their contacts and knowing their future goals. Lets them view scheduled political events in their communities and nearby polling places.

How we built it

We built politity with node.js, docker, google cloud, firebase, Firestore, Kubernetes, angular, graphql, google api, google maps api, Eventbrite api and twitter api.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we ran into include modeling, securing and aggregating data from a myriad of different sources. We also struggled with the configuration of deep nested JSON objects with graphql.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A few of the accomplishments that we are proud of include our ability to utilize scrum for effective development, to bring together a multitude of API's, create a real project with frontend, backend. We are also proud of our scalable features.

What we learned

Evgeny Berezhnov learned more about Angular, API's, firebase, typescript, express. Haley Levesque learned more on team and project management by implementing Scrum. Carlos Alba learned more asynchronous programming and google kubernetes engine.

What's next for Politity

GitHub Repo

FrontEnd BackEnd

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