I have always wanted to build a project like this, I am absolutely tired of the polarized political discussion that surrounds me, and I want to be able to destroy it, so people can talk about politics without starting a pointless argument that ruins arguments, I hate the fact that I can't have any extreme opinions without almost certainly losing most of my friends.

What it does

I have almost no coding experience, luckily I saw that for the beginner bracket that was not required, and that I could use pseudo-code like app lab in or scratch, so I used Webflow, an online website designer that auto-creates all of the necessary HTML/CSS because I have almost no experience (I'm still in 9th grade) and my teammate that was supposed to handle the HTML was absent, so I did it alone.

How we built it

I used the webflow service, and I was able to put most of the website together by cleverly using presets and the rest I acchived using general design strategies, similar to google slides but almost infinitely harder

Challenges we ran into

Near the end, I discovered that I had to use a 3rd party service to access the data retrieved in the document in a google sheet, because by default, you could only access it in a excel document that only the owner can see, but the users needed to see it too. After trying and failing to use Zapier (a backend solution) because I could only use one piece of data at a time (only one submission at a time) the project was rendered impossible due to the fact that you could only store 10 pieces of data in the free version, and you cannot automatically get rid of the old datapoints, so I had to stop due to time and the impossibility of porting the project in such short notice

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact that I got 90% through the project despite the final challenges proving impossible to fix, this was increadibilly difficult, and as someone who only has experience in javascript, I cannot wait to see what I can do when my teammate can do it with me next year

What we learned

I learned the many challenges of web development, and how the versatility of hard-coding is almost always better then using a designer

What's next for PolitiRank

I have no doubt that when I have a chance with a partner, this project will see a much better 2.0 version in next years hackathon

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