Given the recent geopolitical events taking place in the United States and World abroad, it has become paramount that people of all ages be informed on the changing world around them.

What it Does

Politik takes the most relevant, trending news stories and deconstructs them into easily consumable and readable information.

How We Built It

Politik is an android app built using Android Studio and AR Core. The front end was built using Android Java, and the backend was built using Python. Flask was used as to make the REST API and RetroFit was used to seamlessly blend all aspects of the app together. It was deplyed on Heroku.


-Determines article bias

-Links to recent and top news articles

-Point system that measures a user's interest that helps them unlock fun features (eg: AR stickers)

-AR features to incentivize app usage with younger age groups

-Incorporates summarization algorithm

Challenges We Ran Into

First in the line of obstacles came the learning curve of Flask and ultimately how to create usable Json data while using Python. Moreover, gathering the necessary information and adequately communicating it to the application proved to be a challenging endeavor. Regardless of our many obstacles, we grew both as a team and as individuals.

Accomplishments that We're Proud Of

We are considerably proud of our advancements in the use of Flask as well as Java. Creating a coherent piece of code that was able to be used both in python and then later in Java felt particularly rewarding.

What We Learned

Through our numerous struggles and eventual triumphs, we took away many new skills and perspectives concerning Python, Flask, Java, and Heroku. While we began the competition with a general understanding of our programs but finished the project with newfound insight into the interworkings and cohesion between our various areas of expertise. This Hackathon not only taught us well but also bolstered our enthusiasm for app development in the future.

What's next for Politik

In terms of what's next, we aim to improve the accuracy of the algorithms within our application, as well on numerous features we aim to add in the future; including an online E-sign petition function, made easily sharable through the use of the Politik app.

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