The increased influence of money in politics has distanced politicians from their constituents, resulting in frustrated voters and partisan gridlock. By crowdsourcing political feedback, PolitiCrowd resurrects the relationship between politicians and their constituents.

PolitiCrowd’s platform acts as a forum in which political stakeholders participate in online conversations with their government. These conversations center on OpenLetters, user-generated letters that address policy concerns. The PolitiCrowd community joins the conversation by commenting on those OpenLetters.

PolitiCrowd then ranks these letters and comments based on an upvote/downvote system. The more upvotes a letter or comment receives from the PolitiCrowd community, the higher priority it gets. Once an OpenLetter receives a threshold number of upvotes from a given political district, PolitiCrowd prompts a participating politician to respond. Politicians choose their threshold based on constituency size. This system allows these politicians to respond to the issues that the community as a whole considers most urgent, well-thought-out, and important. Plus, we organize user responses by voting district so each politician gets highly relevant feedback.

This approach simplifies communication on both ends of the political conversation, effectively creating an “open source” government. Constituents and advocacy groups have a transparent venue to promote their most important issues. Politicians, in turn, benefit from an efficient interface where responses are already prioritized according to public need. This enables politicians to see their constituents as a valuable resource in their decision making process, particularly during times of partisan gridlock.

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