Pop culture inspired us to make an entertaining game.

What it does

Simple platformer game using pygame in python.

How we built it

We used pygame to create a animated sprite and its opponent. We used Photoshop to create the sprites, medibang paint to create the backgrounds, and Garageband to create a cover of the song it was inspired by.

Challenges we ran into

This was out first time using pygame, and had to use many internet tutorials to learn as we went. Photoshop was also a new software that we had to familiarize ourselves with. We had some trouble implementing our own music and art, but with the help of the hacktj mentors, we made it work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Song cover sounds good and the sprites are animated smoothly.

What we learned

Pygame, photoshop, and garageband basics.

What's next for haw yee

We would like to have the opponent respawn and incorporate different levels and landscapes.

Built With

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