Aggregating news media is a time consuming task that poses many issues. One of the main challenges is when major events occur, news aggregation platforms become flooded with news of that single issue, dimming the light casted on other important movements. With issues regarding human rights, it's of the upmost importance that news of human rights infringement be accessible in order to mobilize people to conversation and action.

What it does

Human Pulse scours news sources, intelligently clustering reporting on incidents that pertain to human rights issues. These clustered events are then visualized to provide a visual landscape of current human rights movements.

How we built it

We gathered our sources from RSS feeds and then parsed, clustered and then visualize events based on where they occur and a score that denotes the events weight of importance (defined by a number of metrics, primarily the frequency of publishing)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our human rights filter that we use to aggregate human rights related publishings and our clustering/scoring algorithm.

What's next for Political Pulse

Our next steps are to expand our media aggregation and develop a more robust scoring algorithm

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