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What was your Inspiration?

Recently when I returned to my parent's house from college, I found a letter waiting for me on the table. The envelope had my name and address handwritten on the front, and when I opened it up, the letter itself was made with Microsoft word and had many formatting errors.

I realized there was a gap in accessibility when it comes to political campaigns. If someone isn't the most tech-savvy or doesn't have the funds to pay someone else to create marketing materials, they have trouble getting their point across. These are local people who want the best for their communities but are being dragged down by different accessibility factors.

We took this challenge and ran with it. We created an AI-driven Political Campaign Generator, to help local people who lack the funding or skills to create campaign material.

How does someone use it?

From the user's perspective, all they need to do is fill out a simple Google Form, and upload an image file. They can expect their generated campaign within a few minutes. It's as simple and accessible as that.

Our Political Campaign Generator produces:

A political speech featuring key topics the user wants to address:

My Fellow Americans,

I stand before you today not to spew fancy political rhetoric or to talk about what could be better. I’m here today because you all are here. And you’re clearly fed up with politics. I’m here because our democracy isn’t working for all of us. You all know that this is the most important election of our lifetime. So I’m going to do something. This is why I, John Smith, am running to be the Town Council of District 40.

You may think more divides us than unites us in this new era of politics. But I know we can all unite behind Small Business. Not only do our lives depend on making progress on Small Business, but so do the lives of our children.

However, putting our all towards Small Business won’t be enough to save our democracy. I know each and every single one you is struggling. That’s why I am also going to also focus on Taxes and Free College for All. The elites in power feel too comfortable, so we need to shake things up. I am here today to listen to you, the American people, because I know you have been silenced for far too long.

Vote John Smith for Town Council of District 40!

An AI-generated yard sign to have printed and to give out to all of their neighbors

And finally, a customized video campaign ad, featuring the topic the candidate is most concerned about.

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Check out all of our videos we created here

How we built it

We wanted an easy, accessible way to interface with our program. Initially, we wanted to build a website, but none of us ever made a custom website before, so we decided to use Google Forms to allow users to submit a campaign. The program constantly checks the Google Form submissions to find any new responses that need processing. Once a new response is found our program pulls the candidate's image from Imgur and generates a campaign sign using templates we created. After the sign is created, the program finds the most important issue to the candidate and creates a campaign video that explains why the issue is important, then adds their campaign sign to the video. Finally, the program creates the candidate's speech using the issues they've selected, zips all of the files together, and sends it via email to the candidate.

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