Less than 10% of Americans actively participate in public policy. A significant causing factor is that voters think that their voice does not have an impact, and that it requires too much energy to advertise your opinion. If there was a more straightforward and effective way to have the voices of the many heard, perhaps recent policies such as those regarding net neutrality would have had different outcomes. Understanding voting trends of certain demographics can help reduce negative impacts of future policies.

What it does

Our app, PoliPoll, allows anyone to actively get their opinion on policies out to politicians, news outlets, and the world. Immediately when a bill is proposed, articles regarding the new policy will be submitted to the database. We use natural language processing to summarize these articles so to make them simpler and more concise, so anyone can understand the effects of the policies. Users immediately receive a push notification, allowing them to read the details of the bill and vote on whether it is a good policy or not. The votes are recorded in the database to get the general consensus on the policy. At account creation, users are asked to enter different demographic information, so that trends can be analyzed and given to news outlets so that the public's opinion can be better understood and more widely spread.

How we built it

We used a front end Android application to make API requests to a back end Java Application. The Java model-view-controller application accesses an AWS MYSQL database to store their information and record votes. The Java application also manages the summarizing of articles to be entered into the database.

What's next for PoliPoll

Data mining this information for research as well as for sale to private outlets makes the business side of this application.

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