After discussing the state of current training modules with the police chief, we determined that we need something much more meaningful and useful for everyday events. On average, the scenarios that the current training modules prepare an officer for occur at most 1% to 5% of the time, yet these scenarios are all that they're trained for. Not only that, but the training trailers that they have to buy to undergo this training run upwards to $1,000,000, and are often built by the US military. My idea was to create a lower cost training module that would prepare officers for all scenarios, but would reflect the realistic chances of any one event occurring.

How it works

In the short span of time I had, I was able to mock up a prototype of the main mechanic, that of changing stances to open up new options to approach a situation. However, those you're interacting with will respond to how you present yourself, and may act in response.

What's next for Police Scenario Based Training

If I have the time, and at least enough money to get a development kit set up. and a team to help with my weak points, the core concept could be transferred to a much larger scale, with interconnected sessions with multiple users, an efficiently created 3D environment to place the training in, and hooking up inexpensive virtual reality gear, such as the Oculus Rift, Omnidirectional Treadmill, and perhaps a light gun / general peripherals. Even with the VR gear, each training kit would only cost around $2,500, and could connect to central processing hub for the region's tranining, of which could be upgraded at any time if need be.

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