Police brutality has been in the news lately so we decided we wanted that to be the subject of our project. After realizing that more mainstream social media sites are sometimes forced to take down or flag content related to police brutality we decided there was a need for a more independent community.

What it does

It is a forum for police brutality victims and allies to build a community where everyone can share their experiences and resources.

How we built it

We used flask as the framework for our web application. Flask handled the logic and served up the web pages coded using HTML. After completing a back-end and a basic front-end we used a CSS framework, Bootstrap, to make everything look better.

Challenges we surpassed

Creating the database and figuring out the relationship between Users and Posts, Preventing duplicate users/usernames & mismatched passwords during registration, Creating forms using WTForms, Figuring out notifications, Profile picture integration using Gravatar, Email website error notifications to administrators, Accepting Cryptocurrency donations through Coinbase

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a functioning website that can be used to help people who have been victims of police brutality.

What we learned

Web Development using flask

What's next for Police Brutality Forum

Next, we will continue to improve on the website by adding more features and sources and well as continuing to make the forum more user-friendly. Examples of upcoming features include implementing a like/dislike system and methods for sorting posts such as by popular and by most likes, password recovery through email, the ability to delete/edit posts, image/link support for posts, and the implementation of tags to sort posts into categories.

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