Inspiration :

Make a low cost and effective device, capable of augmenting human dexterity and also be an option for arm prosthetic by combining human and machine capabilities in a wearable device.

What it does

The device has an underactuated robotic finger that can help us grasp using a single arm a variety of different objects, multiple objects and large objects (that would not be possible without the device).

How I built it

Laser cuted parts, 3d printed finger, servos, arduino, force resistive sensor, adafruit bluetooth and an android app.

Challenges I ran into

Combining the Bluetooth and the servos, powering the device and fitting all components in a small box.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Make the device serve its purposes of augmenting our capability and dexterity when grasping objects.

What I learned

How important teamwork is.

What's next for POLEgar

Maybe a second version, possibly for an academic paper.

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