We wanted to build a game and we thought it would be cool to try a platformer. We were inspired by Celeste for the movement and world form. The art was also inspired by Celeste and another pixel art game called Deltarune.

What it does

A simple platformer game with the main goal being to make it to the end of the level through jumping, running, and exploring.

How I built it

All of our team members have experience in Java, so we decided to use LibGDX; a game development application framework that utilizes Java.

Challenges I ran into

LibGDX isn't as common a program to use compared to other programs such as Unity and Unreal Engine. Because of this, there was considerably less information on how to implement certain aspects of the program.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even though our game does not run perfectly, our entire team was able to collaborate and communicate effectively to put together a working product.

What I learned

Every member of our team was assigned specific components of the program to work on. Through each team member's respective task, we all learned the basics of game development such as UI, game physics, and sprite animation.

What's next for Polaris

Should we decide to continue working on the program as a team, we have discussed the possibility of more levels being added as well as cleaning up the game physics to achieve the vision we initially were aiming for. These visions include aspects such as wall jumping and a dash ability.

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