We wanted to offer an easy and efficient translating bot that could help people around the world collaborate with each other with ease. After being introduced to both Cisco Spark's API and Google Cloud Platform's Translation API, we had an idea to create a bot that users can incorporate into their conference calls to communicate with others, without having to use a translator.

What it does

PokoBot is integrated into a Cisco Spark space once called, and essentially translates each of the member's messages once sent. Most of PokoBot's functions are built on node.js, and uses yandex's API to translate each message. PokoBot can be used and implemented on Cisco Spark.

How we built it

At first, we were going to build our bot and translate using only Java. However, we ran into a good amount of complications and had to resort to another language. We were suggested to try Python, which we then started to incorporate, but then we found out about, and used that to quickly build and deploy a few translating bots. We also wanted to use Google Cloud Platform's API, but ended up using yandex. In the last 6 hours, we tried our best to implement a bot using node.js, a language none of us are familiar with, and got somewhat far with what we wanted to accomplish.

Challenges we ran into

We lacked the experience of implementing API's, so we spent a considerable amount of time debugging basic implementations. We were also originally going to implement Google's Cloud Platform and its Translation API into our project, but when we learned that Cisco Spark worked better through Python and node.js than through Java, using Google Translate became a much higher hurdle. In the end we were unable to integrate this API into our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

learning node.js in like half an hour, learning how to implement API's, working alongside Cisco Spark and Google Cloud Platform to try and finish our project. We learned a lot outside of class, and accomplished a lot as beginner hackers.

What we learned

We learned how to implement API's properly and also work with node.js. We also built our first few bots, with a couple actually working.

What's next for PokoBot

We will definitely be continuing to work on this project. It's the first time working on a project of this scale outside of coursework for all of us, so it carries special meaning. Basically, we want to be able to delpy a working bot, using node.js and Google's translation API. We also want to help speed up the translations somehow.

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