We had a vision, that one day we will be the very best; like no one ever was. To debug them is my real test. To run them is my cause. I will travel across the net. Search far and wide. Teach Pokemen to understand. The power that's inside. POKEMEN!! Gotta teach 'em all. It's you and us. I know it's our destiny. POKEMEN!! OHHHHHH, you're our best friend. In a world me must render. POKEMEN!! A CPU so true. Our GPU will pull us through. You teach us, and we'll teach you. POKEMEN!! Gotta teach 'em all, gotta teach 'em all. YEEEAAAAAaaaaAAAAHHHHHHhhh. Every errors along the way. With caffeine we will face. We will debug every day. To claim our rightful place. Come with us, the time is right. There's no better team. Functions in classes, we'll win the fight. It's always been our dream. POKEMEN!! Gotta teach 'em all. It's you and us. GET IT DONEEE!!! OhHHHhhhhh, we need some sleep. In a world we must debug.

What it does

let you live your dream

How *we built it

a lot of tears split up work among team between scripting and animation then we pieced it together like exodia was built in Unity with scripting in C#

Challenges *we ran into

configuring animations onto the main scene getting speech recognition to working timing of attacks a lot of errors

Accomplishments that we're proud of

it works, somewhat, if everything is perfert

What I learned

teamwork makes the dreamwork

What's next for PokeVision

the world

Built With

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