Our team was inspired by Google's April Fools Day Pokémon Challenge this year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YMD6xELI_k/

We expected more from Google given the video but all they let you do was browse Google Maps for Pokémon they placed all over the world. We were inspired by the video and decided to try to recreate the Pokémon world as a layer on top of our own world similar to Google's Ingress.

Our target audience is anyone who enjoys social gaming, especially those who love(d) Pokémon.

PokéTrainer allows users to encounter "Wild Pokémon" by walking around in the real world. When they run into a Pokémon, a notification is sent to their phone and they can choose to try and "Capture" or "Run" from the wild Pokémon. Upon capturing a Pokémon, it is added to their collection in the app. Now, this is where the fun begins. Aside from attempting to "Catch em' All," users can now train their captured Pokémon and challenge their Facebook friends to Pokémon battles! Throughout this engagement, a user's Pokémon gain experience, level up, and evolve!

Our team hopes to gamify exercise by encouraging users to walk around more.

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