Pokemons, of course! I used to deal with maps. I've found cool Pokemon API (, and want to combine this stuff together.

What it does

Goal is simple. You have to enable internet and GPS, launch app and go outside. Map informs you about nearby Pokes. Once you discover it, it automatically appears in your Pokedex, you may also get achievement. You can also check if other Pokemon Trainers are nearby, or check current weather conditions.

How I built it

I tried to make as google-material-designed app as possible. I used Android Studio and the most common Android libraries: Picasso, Realm, Retrofit, RxAndroid,

Challenges I ran into

Explore the newest TRNQL API, deal with many, many markers in one map. Background processing and preventing crashes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I included very elegant icon resources from( I've found great image resurces for Pokes and loading them was great - I don't have to hardcode them in App!

What I learned

Awesome TRNQL API(for my opinion the best thing is SmartPeople), how Subjects in RxAndroid works, Google Map animations, how to load markers on Map with Picasso. Furthermore, custom Views, and Proximity Intents.

What's next for Pokes Trainer

More pokes to discover, more bagdes, maybe more gamified Google Play Game? Any brighter ideas are welcome.

try it out

contact me: I can send you .apk file, but app will be available soon on Google Play

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