Game inspired by a similar game we played on a group trip to Ocean City last May.

What it does

Pokereno is an electro-mechanical arcade game where players roll 5 raquetballs in sequence down a ramp to score the highest poker hand possible. Our pokereno design includes coin/token validation, LED game state display, and ticket dispensing.

How I built it

  • The mechanical build was constructed out of wood at the hackathon, including a counterbalanced mechanism for returning the balls at the start of a new game.
  • The electronic components are controlled by a raspberry pi

Challenges I ran into

  • It was difficult to construct the multiplexed IO circuits without bugs
  • Hardware took a long time to develop, even after plans were drawn up. Deviations from the mechanical design were extremely more difficult to compensate for the later into the build they started.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Multiplexed I/O mechanism that allows up to 64 digital inputs/outputs with just 2 GPIO pins on the Raspberry PI

What I learned

  • Hardware takes a serious time commitment to develop.

What's next for Pokereno

  • Finish up incomplete features
  • Create more robust IO multiplexing system
  • Thorough sanding/paint job!

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