We wanted to play competitive Pokemon on the go. We targeted Android and Pebble watches.

What it does

It's a client for Pokemon Showdown, a free online simulator for competitive Pokemon. This client only plays random battles against random people.

How I built it

Pebble: Pebble.js and Websockets Android: Java and Websockets

Challenges I ran into

Pebble.js is a nascent technology, so I had to dig through documentation to find what I wanted. Also the resources on the Pebble were limited, so websockets made the watch lag, and sprites took up a lot of space. Therefore, we omitted a lot of features from the Pebble app. Given more time, we would've found a way to cope with these limitations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I now have experience with making Pebble apps. This one was particularly ambitious, but I think I have other, simpler ideas that I want to make Pebble apps out of.

What I learned

How to read documentation well.

What's next for PokePebble

Polishing both the Pebble and Android apps.

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