I am learning web dev for a while now, but havent made any project, I always had an idea to make something with pokemon api. But I lack with motivation to do it. But now as I am participating in a hackathon I am fully motivated and started working on this project a big shout out and thanks for MLH for conducting the hackathon

What it does

This project basically shows the details of the pokemon when enter the name of it. If you just want to see some random pokemon names just click on random. And it also has a small easter egg. If we hover below the image we can see the pokemon's main ability

How I built it

The main boost of this website form the website which is a collection of JSON data of different pokemon. I built this using basic HTML5, CSS, JS. For CSS I have used SCSS and then compiled it into CSS

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge is to get data from the website, which I sorted with async and await functions. And I struggled a bit with the styling part and while dealing with DOM

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first project, my first hackathon. And I am working to submit it.

What I learned

I have learned how to get things from the internet Got some experience in debugging the code How to work with API's

What's next for Pokemon_Details

I can improve it a lot by adding different animations to it and buttons to get more data from the pokemon database

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