I guess my inspiration for this project came from when I discovered that there was a website that had legal downloads of 3D models of almost 700 Pokemon. Since I found this out, I've always wondered what a truly 3D Pokemon game would be like.

How it works

This project incorporates the Oculus Rift, Myo Armband, Leap Motion (and VR Head-mount), and some form of speakers. First the user puts the Myo on their right arm and syncs it to the computer. Then they put on the Rift with the leap attached and play the game. In the game they are given the option of choosing between 1 of 4 starter Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and of course Pikachu). After the user picks up the poke-ball they are teleported to a grassy field where they can throw their poke-ball and have their Pokemon come out. Little do they know, that Team Rocket's Meowth is lying in wait and appears to steal your precious Pokemon. You must fight him using the 2 moves your Pokemon knows. Choose which move to use by moving your Myo armband (waving in and out, and double tapping). Finally see if you can best Meowth and send Team Rocket blasting off again!

Challenges I ran into

Blender models not having the animations we created when transferred into Unity

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A working game that shows what could possibly come in the near future in terms of Nintendo gaming.

What I learned

A great deal more about Unity they I previously did.

What's next for Pokemon Rift

Most likely adding more Pokemon to the game and possibly creating some attack animations for the game (instead of finding some in the Unity Asset Store)

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