There are 2 sets of invisible data values that determine the worth of a Pokemon in a game. In the past to casual players did not need to worry about such things, all battles and trades happened between friends. However, now that gameboy's are on the internet, players battle with people all around the world! With this, in order to not be inferior, you must carefully manage these invisible values; they can cause your pokemon to be a full 100 stat points behind, and with each pokemon usually having an average of 400 stat points, this a huge problem.

Calulators exist on the internet, however they require you to keep track of your EVs yourself, this is difficult because each pokemon gives a different EV value after it is defeated. Because of this, even though GameBoys are "Portable" someone who really wants to play pokemon today needs to have a computer and a sheet of paper with them, to tally EVs and calculate IVs. This isn't portable at all!

What it does

This app keeps track of Effort Values (which are earned though defeating pokemon) and calculates the Initial Values which are the pokemon's hidden potential. It's best to find out their IVs early, so you don't waste time with an inferior pokemon.

How I built it

I reversed the Stat Calculation to calculate the IVs by checking all possible IVs (1~31 to start then what ever range is left as you go)

Challenges I ran into

I found out pebble doesn't like to refresh,,, I spent hours trying to get it to refresh before I found out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

how to use pebble

What's next for Pokemon Master Made Easy

finish it out, and use it...?

Built With

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