A fan of the Pokemon Franchise, I always loved to play its games on an emulator. But always we are pressing keys and doing the job. It felt the need to make an interface where I can dictate the pokemon to do things like a fight, heal, or run at the bare minimum.

What it does

A command-line interface, the player is introduced to the situation and soon finds oneself in a pokemon battle. As one gives instructions and wins the battle, he climbs the steps to reach the top: evolve his pokemon, attain the master ball, catch Mewtwo and sail off the island. A fun interactive game for every adventurous out there.

How I built it

I came across the command line Pokemon Game when I was learning about Pokemon Games in Python. As I was short of time, I thought of skipping GUI and starting perfecting it, also integrating for speech-to-text-to-intent service.

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge was that I didn't know about this before 2nd Sept. As my college semester has started on 1st, it was difficult to do major development like in Unity, or Web/App Deployment in a few days. The main challenge was to record audio in real-time, and send over to request and doing all without costing any major time. It came out pretty neat.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I worked all out in inadequate time. I am happy about the success of doing exactly what I wanted it to be. It perfectly captures the essence of speech!

What I learned

First of all, the awesome! I am really shocked at its simplicity and would surely make more projects with it. Apart from it, I first time worked with real-time audio recording and then sending a request and getting a response in Python. So it was surely a learning experience.

What's next for Pokemon Master

As I knew about this hackathon way too late and could only devote few years, I would love to give it a GUI, deploy on a web page, and maybe expand the horizon into a full journey, and not only battling pokemon.

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