THE PROBLEM: To say countless Americans don't vote would be misleading. Voter absences are meticulously counted. CNN cites that 45% of voters did not participate in our most recent election. A major contributor to this inconvenience. There has yet to be a successful implementation of digital voting.

THE SOLUTION: Voting virtually is made safe and secure by the Pokemon Go to the Polls application. This iOS application was developed side by side with a live website. By implementing QR codes, and security questions this app has become a reality. pokemongotothepolls.org

THE STORY: Staying up all night and dividing difficult questions among the group, each of our group members learned new skills and challenged themselves to raise the bar. Tim learned how to code websites and spearheaded our iOS application's sister website. Eyal became a proficient iOS app developer and coded the inner workings of Pokemon Go to the Polls. Victoria took the initiative and created a functional QR scanner and custom QR codes for application security. We are very proud of the work we did together.

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