We wanted to bring back the nostalgia of playing a game that many of us know and love as well as bring a unique perspective to the table. Many of us believe that we're exceptional Pokémon masters; however, there's only one way to prove it: show that you are the most knowledgeable about the Pokémon universe.

What it does

We present a snapshot of a distant location somewhere around the Pokémon continents. All you have to do is recognize where the snapshot was taken and pinpoint it on the map. The closer you are to the correct location, the more points you'll receive. Earn your way onto the high scores and show off your knowledge of the Pokémon landscape.

How we built it

We started off by embedding a map of the Pokémon terrain and then datamined coordinates for the towns and routes explorable in the realm of Pokémon. We then implemented the database, Google's Firebase, to keep track of both location prompts (including snapshot coordinates, name, and image) and personal statistics such as high score and correct guesses.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the technologies we used in our application were obscure and difficult to implement. Instructions unclear, accidentally made the whole Pokémon series (then obviously reverted it back to our original idea). In order to overlay visual identifiers, we had to dynamically insert the canvas on top of the map after the user had selected their 5 best guesses. Additionally, working with Firebase caused some confusion among our group members. It was soon figured out and was found to be very intuitive.

What's next for PokéGuessr

We will refine the UI for our game as well as implement new minigames for you Pokémon fanatics.

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