Inspiration: We got the idea from a family member while brainstorming. We were having a hard time thinking of an idea, but we both enjoy the series so we thought we would give it a try.

What it does: It picks a PokeDex entry of one of 85 first generation Pokemon where the user has to guess which Pokemon the entry is for. It keeps count of the amount you got correct in the top left.

How we built it: The program was written in Java using the IntelliJ IDE. The program stores 85 PokeDex entries as well as their corresponding names and uses a random number generator to select which one to display.

Challenges we ran into: Before this project one of us had never used Java before, so it was challenging working on the project. A lot of things had to be researched for the project, and because of this a simple prototype was all that could be made. We had also intended on having an easy mode and hard mode, where the easy mode also displays an image of the Pokemon, however we could not figure out how to get that working in time, so we kept with just the PokeDex entries

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We're proud that we were able to make this program with Java. It was a challenge but well worth it as now another programming language has been added to our repertoire.

What we learned: We learned how to make simple programs in Java and use Java functionality like JFrame to make our program.

What's next for PokeGuesser: We might continue to flesh out the idea. While testing everything it was fun to go through and just see how high you could get your score. We may add more entries and expand beyond the first generation in the future. We also may polish the UI to make it seem more presentable.

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