PokeGo Polls is an app that is intended to educating the youth about the importance of voting while maintaining a fun platform for all ages.

Due to the results of the 2016 election it seems that people arent fully educated about voting

Learn Fun Facts

Our app's main focus is to educate youths as well as adults about the importance of voting and the history of it during the years while also learning fun facts about the voting areas where polling takes place.

Accessable for All Ages

We are accessable for all ages!!

Get Cool PokemonGo Prizes

With our partnership with POkemonGo you can transfer over your data and recieve special in app rewards. Rewards ranges from items from the Pokestops such as : Pokeballs,Repels,Special Pikachus,etc.... Only access within a certain vicinity around the polling locations


Location, Phone GPS usage

Built With

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